Before I had my very own bundles of joy, I had very little experience around  kids or toddlers. I had never even changed a diaper before my son was born, let alone had to ‘deal’ with the roller coast of emotions from a 2 year old. So it was VERY surprising when my son entered the ‘terrible twos’ and started throwing tantrums over the slightest things. It seemed the less insignificant the problem, the more riled up he became. It was (and is) NUTS. Sometimes I was left speechless because I just didn’t know how to react to his meltdowns, mainly because all I wanted to do was laugh! You are throwing a fit over…that? Seriously? hahahaha. Since I can’t laugh in my sons face I CAN certainly blog about it and stick it in his baby book for future torture when he brings a date home.

Inspired by comedian Jason Good’s tumblr on reasons why his son is crying, off of the top of my head, here are some of the reasons why my toddler has thrown a fit recently:

  • I wouldn’t let him lick the toilet bowl in the bathroom at the mall (this is a true story, my friends. He did, actually, lick the toilet seat once so I started monitoring him like a hawk while using the commode)
  • I pushed in his chair 2.3 centimeters to the left more than he ‘wanted’
  • The velcro on his shoe is slightly ajar
  • He doesn’t WANT to go play outside
  • He wants ME to pick up the toy he just threw across the room
  • I zipped up his jacket too fast
  • I zipped up his jacket too slow
  • The cat came into his room
  • His baby sister is looking at him
  • There is a piece of dirt stuck on the bottom of his shoe
  • His toddler friend is playing with a baby toy (and baby toys are ONLY for babies so this is unacceptable)
  • His baby sister is trying to reach for the computer
  • He is hungry (Now THIS, I can relate to! I get incredibly fussy when I am hungry so I totally get it, kid)
  • He doesn’t want to go to night night
  • He already WENT pee (don’t confuse this was the truth because trust me, he did not)
  • The iPad is out of batteries
  • He spilled milk on the table
  • I wouldn’t let him drink cocuonut water from the container, like a hobo
  • The glow in the dark stars on his ceiling are too bright
  • I looked at him while he was going poo poo
  • My husband gave him too much milk in his cereal
  • He doesn’t WANT the cereal in the bowl…that he asked for 2 minutes prior
  • His sticker does not stick to anything
  • It’s dark outside

Listing all of the things your toddler threw a fit about is actually a great exercise, I encourage you all to do it- it will make for some funny memories for when your toddler grows up and hates you for things a little more substantive than zipping up his jacket at the wrong speed :-)

Now my next post should be about all of the excuses he has for not wanting to go to bed, that one is a doozey.

Swaddled with love,

photo credit: my own

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